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Well, it has been a while since we last blogged.  Christmas came and went; I was busy, then lazy, then occupied with family, then got a cold and felt lousy (even took to my bed!).  Then I felt better, did some rides and gym sessions and fell ill again so it was back to bed and eating soup!  Eventually I feel better, but sluggish, heavy, stiff – you know the drill!

Last post was about Energicer and I said we’d report on its efficacy in a spinning environment.  It can get pretty hot in the spinning studio and I finally remembered to take some Energicer with me last week.  Lisa took the session on Friday, which I knew was therefore going to be a tough one.  She likes to push us, and because I said it was hard work she seems set on taking all the sessions I book in for!

So, wearing the Zym jersey (which shows up really bright under the black UV light!) and 2 Energicer bands I thought I was ready for it.  I made sure I was near the aircon vents so that hopefully there would be some air movement.  When the Energicer bands went on, there was an instant feeling of coolness, like having a cold can of drink touch the skin.  It seems to work best when there is some air movement, to help evaporation, and it turned out that the spin class was not nearly as good as being in the open air (like I was in Maui!).  It did work a bit, and it smelled nice (nicer than me anyway!).

Hey ho, the sun is out and although it is cold, I think today I need an injection of the open roads and some sunlight to counter the SAD feeling.  Back to the spin studio tomorrow though.


~ by cyclingparadise on March 7, 2010.

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